About Us

Asquared IoT focuses on Analytics and Algorithms for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

One of the key drivers of widespread applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in future will be the ability to analyze data generated by the "things"​ and to infer useful and actionable information from that data. This data analysis system will need to be intelligent (in order to understand complex interdisciplinary data streams), fast and in some cases real-time (in order to deduce actionable information before it is too late), and robust enough (to ignore noise and to allow imprecise uses of the "things"​). Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general, and Machine Learning (ML) in particular are the ideal techniques for developing such complex data analytics systems.

Asquared IoT is focused on applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques (including Deep Learning) to explore data from Industrial IoT, to gain insights into the data, to identify anomalies and machine/process failures, and to derive useful information including probabilities of failures.

Our current focus is on IoT applications in manufacturing industry and vehicle analytics.

Detailed knowledge of both the underlying "physics"​ of the system and the application domain are key to successful and efficient applications of AI. With our vast experience and expertise in areas ranging from mechanical engineering, numerical methods, engineering simulations, mathematical optimization, control theory, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, we fully understand our application areas. With our core strength of Artificial Intelligence added to this,  we are at a unique position to offer the optimal solutions that lie at the intersection of multiple disciplines!



  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning &  Statistical Methods
  • Mathematical Optimization
  • Control Theory
  • Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Engineering Simulations
  • High Performance Computing