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About Asquared

Founded in 2017, Asquared is focused on applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques (including Deep Learning) to explore data from Industrial IoT, to gain insights into the data, to identify anomalies and machine/process failures, and to derive useful information including probabilities of failures. Our innovative theme is “edge computing”, which refers to ability to run analytics algorithms and perform real-time analytics tasks at the edge of the IoT, without any internet connectivity. We are developing products with embedded AI, based on edge computing, which are non-touch, non-intrusive, and easy to deploy in any manufacturing plant, and easy to retrofit to even older manufacturing machines.

For manufacturing plants, especially SMEs, the complex network and Computing Infrastructure (including Cloud Infrastructure) is required to convert to smart manufacturing is a big challenge. This is often a deterrent to become an Industry 4.0 compliant factory. Asquared has overcome these problems through our innovative, easy to deploy, non-touch, edge computing based embedded AI products.


Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques (including Deep Learning) for predicting machine failures and/or operational issues beforehand of any occurring failure..


Real-time analytics
Real-time discovery of patterns and trends in the machine operations, and real-time dashboards for monitoring machine health, operational efficiency, and performance parameters.


Process & Efficiency Improvements
By observing the machine data over a longer period of time, we can identify patterns and causal relationships, identify losses of efficiency (for example, unnecessary power consumption) and performance bottlenecks.

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Edge Computing
Edge computing is the emerging trend in IoT. For advanced analytics using unstructured data such as audio-visual data, sending the raw data to cloud infrastructure and getting back the results from cloud could lead to significant delays.

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