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Costomer Deployments

Sound Analytics Deployments at Global Level

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Japan: Deployed Equilips for 24x7 monitoring of multiple sawing machines and factory level visualization – together with Konica Minolta

Working with a large Japanese customer for Ultrasonic Analysis to detect structural health (e.g. poles)

A global automotive supplier: Quality monitoring of ultrasonic welding

Sharada Industries, Pune: Welding process monitoring

In discussion with a welding machine OEM

Multiple large Indian companies in pipeline

Other applications: Milling machines, air/gas leakage, rotating equipment (motors, pumps etc.)

Equilips 4.0 Deployment in Japan with Konica Minolta

Deployed Equilips for 24x7 monitoring of Sawing Machines at a factory in Japan

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Our Solution Displayed at Japan AI Summit (AISUM) Tokyo, April 2019, by Konica Minolta

Key Features:

Sound as primary signal, Edge devices installed

Factory level monitoring and visualization using sound analytics

WebApp developed for real-time monitoring and data visualization

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Video Analytics Demo Identification of Objects in Video

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Demo identifying workers wearing helmet or not using CCTV camera

Potential Applications:

Identification of machine movements and status

Identification of workers and their productivity

Identification of safety practices

Identification of defects

Scene and event identification

This can be done at high speed: More than 10fps on live video!

Demo Link : https://youtu.be/f1hvKe0fIPo

Video Analytics for Automotive Part, using 3 camera

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A 3-camera system deployed at Sharada Industries, Pune

Defects in parts detected in real-time, as the parts move on conveyor belts

Three cameras help identify detects in any of the three sides

An automated conveyor that separates OK vs Not OK parts based on AI predictions

Video Analytics for Bottling Plat

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Representative Image for Illustration

For a large Japanese beverages company, developed video analytics solutions for their plant in Thailand.

Real-time video analytics (at 10 FPS) on edge for detecting 5 types of errors in bottling operations (without stopping the operations)

100% accuracy (100% recall and 100% precision) on all 5 error events!

Combination of Computer Vision, Deep Learning with Localization, and One-shot learning for good recall even with limited data!

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